Saturday, March 12, 2005

Top 10 RSS Submission Websites

Top 10 RSS Feed Submission Sites is an article running today on


March 10th, 2005
By: Joel Dalley

Are RSS Feeds Important for Gaining Site Traffic?

Absolutely. Since more and more people are using blog and newswire search engines like to find information, then having your RSS feeds listed in RSS search engines and news indeces is critical to connecting with potential visitors.

Due to the real-time nature of RSS technology, WWW search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search have begun to look hopelessly slow and pointless for anyone seeking timely information. The natural next step for a company like Google is to expand their feed-based news service to be a searchable index of all RSS feeds on the web, which is undoubtably under production at Google Labs as of this writing.....

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Everyone was guilty of hubris at the time

In this Guardian Story, the author remembers the 5th anniversary of the bursting of the dot com bubble.

SlashDot covered this story and technology bloggers expanded on the Guardian theme. For instance:

There is a quote in that article by Rob Hersov that describes the way a lot of people felt at that time:

"Those were incredibly heady days," he says. "Fun - absolutely. We thought we were making a difference. We thought we were getting out there, shaking things up, doing something no one had done before. We really were pioneers - buccaneers."

That statement demonstrates the two truths of the dot com explosion: on one had, we really did make a difference - we built a huge IT infrastructure in, essentially, the blink of an eye. On the other hand, that statement is packed with the hubris and exaggerated sense of importance that also permeated the time.

The analogy was often made in 2000/2001 of the Detroit auto industry and the development of the US national highway system. The same thing happened with scores (or maybe it was hundreds?) of companies popping up with the word "motors" in their name during the period. And now there are 3; the big 3 left in Detroit.

Not only that, but barring e-Bay and a few other notables, the companies that made it out of the bubble are ones with unique brand names: Google, Amazon, Travelocity, Yahoo!, and GoDaddy.

I also disagree with the apparent conclusion that there are no lone wolves anymore. The climate is better for a savvy lone wolf than it was even in 1997, I believe.

Who came up with the e-Idea of e-Appending e-E to e-Everything anyway?

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

3 Steps to using Firefox as an RSS Reader

Taken from

1. The RSS Feed Icon

Mozilla Firefox makes following RSS feeds extremely easy and convenient. To get started, browse to a webpage that has the orange square in the lower right corner. The curved lines represent radio waves; that is, a "broadcast", which is an appropriate metaphor for RSS. Click on the RSS feed icon and add the feed as a bookmark in firefox. NOTE: be sure to add it in the 'Bookmarks Toolbar Folder' in order to dock...

Continue: Parts 2 & 3

More on RSS News Feed

Monday, February 07, 2005 Technology News Site Launched

February 7th, 2005 - All Things Digital. News. Now.

Among the first daily news sites to utilize the RSS news feed system, officially launched today. The technology news website features daily newsfeeds from topics ranging from linux consulting to broadband internet and web hosting. Information technology professionals, software and network engineers, web developers and web designers and internet / web marketing specialists will find relevant, daily news on all the industries that touch computers and information technology.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Linux Breathes New Life Into Old Hardware

Recycling old hardware and making use of those CPU cycles once again.

Linux has long been great for making old hardware useful again. I've taken 3 pentium II class machines, each with ~ 5 GB hard drives, and installed Fedora Core 1 Linux on them. Installation was easy in all 3 cases, and now these machines continuously monitor several websites and other network resources such as email addresses, and post updates to websites if predetermined conditions should arise.

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I use a General Electric Ionizing air filter to minimize dust and dirt near the machines. In the future, I'd like to have Linux running on machines that consume much less energy, but purchasing hardware is currently not an option -- which takes me back to the theme of Linux resurrecting old hardware.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Linux Technology Powers News Service


February 2nd, 2005
Joel B. Dalley is a managed, integrated and customized news feed service for webmasters and web authors. The technology behind is Linux, Apache, XML and Perl. All open standards and favorites among open source software developers. Customers who subscribe enjoy fresh, daily topic news content on their websites, an XML feed, and several other features helpful in generated more website traffic and increasing the "stickyness" of a website.

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Webmasters and Web Authors interested in increasing their website traffic are welcome to contact Joel B. Dalley at for more information or visit the website:

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

IT compensation on the rise in '05

Advice by Katherine Spencer Lee, Robert Half Technology

JANUARY 18, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Although not a complete return to the dot-com boom, 2005 looks to be a promising year for IT professionals. Economic optimism is slowly returning, and CIOs across the U.S. have begun to initiate projects previously put on hold. As a result, starting salaries should see a moderate increase over 2004 levels.

According to the newly released Robert Half Technology 2005 Salary Guide, average base pay for IT professionals overall will rise 0.5% this year, with larger increases expected in high-demand specialties such as information security and quality assurance. This compares to a 1.6% decline in starting compensation that was projected last year.

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